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I write about living while traveling, the real stuff which doesn't just stop because you're on the road.

Around the world in 80 jobs, or “The Bandwagon”

Just because he had an idea, or the scratchings of an idea first, does not entitle him to everything and anything to do with that idea. I’m sure the guys Mark Zuckerburgh “stole” facebook from would be on his side, but the law wasn’t, and most people who watched the movie weren’t.

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3 Weeks of touristy stuff in Playa del Carmen

So my sister was here in Playa del Carmen for three weeks having flown over from the UK (which was apparent by her translucent skin) for her second holiday ever, … Continue reading

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Aktun Chen Nature Park, What the Tourists DO

When double zipping in a somewhat provocative position a couple were asked “You’re not brother and sister are you? Because that would be awkward.” Along with “Ok this time we do it without harnesses.”

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1 month smoke free and a hundred floors to celebrate!

So how does one celebrate a month of being smoke free, one hits the gym! ( Jeepers, when did my celebrations go from all night coke binges to early morning gym sessions?). I decided that the best way to remind myself that things are changing, was to go to the gym and really crank it

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Semana Santa in Playa del Carmen

Like hungry sharks the local vendors line the avenue, ready for action beneath shop awnings which shade them from the gloriously bright day. They lean out from their awnings with well baited lines, waiting for a nibble so they can reel you in. Competition is fierce as they try and out do each other in an attempt to catch the best punter.

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My Underpants Are Too Tight

In particular, underwear is a big one. It has to be tight enough so as not to feel like an extra layer, which makes me too warm and initiates butt sweats. But it can’t be so tight that It folds up into the genital area requiring the constant PDA’s (public displays of adjustment).

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3 Weeks Without Smoking, Grrrr!

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to thinking a few times about just taking the habit up again, in fact as I write this my mind is telling me to do so, after all I was being creative and felt so much better about things when I was smoking. Sure my health wasn’t so good, and I was a slave to the habit, but at least I didn’t feel so shit all the time.

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